Amber Panczak

Amber is an enthusiastic, likeable and approachable person who has worked in many diverse office settings. Her nearly 20 years of corporate experience comes from her time in the law, engineering and oil & gas industries, as well as with a land development/property management company. Working as a real estate appraisal practitioner for 4 years in Calgary, Amber gained a great deal of knowledge in land development, property management and general real estate. Customer service, payroll, administration, benefit fundamentals and a comprehensive understanding of the full accounting cycle, are a few of the highlights in Amber’s portfolio.

Amber grew up on a farm near Warner, Alberta where she was avid in sports and received her high school diploma. She went to Lethbridge College and received her post secondary education and also took numerous professional courses throughout her career.  Amber’s family has been involved in the real estate world for over 40 years and it has always been of great interest to her.   

Amber Panczak is a business woman and a leader. Her positive and magnetic personality coupled with her education/office experience and common-sense upbringing has helped her to earn her place as a valued member of the CONCEPT. Investment Partners team. 

Ken Harvie

Ken has had a diverse business background ranging from finance to retail sales to management in the retail sales sector before tackling land, commercial and residential development full time in 2000. Prior to the formation of CONCEPT. Investment Partners Ltd. in 2021, Ken had been involved in business and real estate development in Alberta for more than 15 years which saw over $100 million in land, commercial and residential projects. As a Founding Partner in his former companies his roles included the oversight of all real estate developments from concept to completion within the Real Estate Groups and visioning for the Business Development Groups of the Partnerships.

In his 20 plus years of real estate development Ken has been involved in developing close to 1000 acres of land, over 500 residential units, 50,000 square feet of office development and almost 500,000 square feet of retail. Some of the Tenants included; Tim Hortons, Mac’s Convenience, Alberta Treasury Branch, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Brick Warehouse, PetSmart, Dollarama, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sobeys, Future Shop and the TJX Company with Winner’s and HomeSense.

CONCEPT. Investment Partners Ltd. is a boutique investment company whose holdings range from community development to office holdings. We are strategic in the developments that we select as we look to create and design integrated developments which will be industry leading yet respect the nature, history and location in which they are located.