29 Street North & 15 Avenue North, Lethbridge

Broadcast Business Park

A new mixed-use business park which will house residential, commercial, and light industrial uses.

Broadcast Business Park is Lethbridge’s only mixed-use business park community with uses of residential, retail commercial and light industrial/commercial end users who will locate to the community because of the vibrancy, location, and uniqueness. Horizon View Apartments is the first constructed and brings over 100 units of residential living to the area which will be highly utilized by the workforce in Broadcast Business Park and the surrounding area. Broadcast Village, the retail commercial corner, is well into the planning stages and will see retail and service businesses opening to service the immediate community. Broadcast Business Park will be a highly desired location to locate or relocate business to for a future of opportunity and vision. Broadcast Business Park is redefining the standard of where to live, work and play.