The Edwards

The Edwards. A mixed-use project which will be seamless in integration into the surrounding community. The vision is 50 residential suites with a commercial offering on the ground floor. A perfect compliment on the ground floor may be a smaller Grocer, coffee shop, deli or a combination of all three. With in house customers as well as the large working population at Chinook Regional Hospital, the site is surely one to become a fast gathering place in the Victoria Park community.

Broadcast Business Park

A new mixed-use business park which will house residential, commercial, and light industrial uses.

Broadcast Business Park is Lethbridge’s only mixed-use business park community with uses of residential, retail commercial and light industrial/commercial end users who will locate to the community because of the vibrancy, location, and uniqueness. Horizon View Apartments is the first constructed and brings over 100 units of residential living to the area which will be highly utilized by the workforce in Broadcast Business Park and the surrounding area. Broadcast Village, the retail commercial corner, is well into the planning stages and will see retail and service businesses opening to service the immediate community. Broadcast Business Park will be a highly desired location to locate or relocate business to for a future of opportunity and vision. Broadcast Business Park is redefining the standard of where to live, work and play.

Paramount Boutiques & Professional Space

Paramount Boutiques and Professional Space is a unique building which was previously a historical theatre. In 2009 it was converted into 26,500sqft of retail and professional space with a wide variety of businesses occupying this modern property. Paramount Boutiques is located in Downtown Lethbridge at 719 4th Avenue South.

For information on availability, contact Robert Kinniburgh at 403-315-5154 or [email protected].

Building Tenants

Health and Wellness
  • Andrew Page Tattooing
  • Dylan Babe Tattoo
  • Katlyn Jane Photography
  • Mudita Beauty
  • Nelleekayehair
  • The Healing Hut
  • YQL Lashbar
  • Ace Tea Tasty
  • Gather & Graze YQL
  • Mediterranean Mazza Bar and Western Food
  • ATB Advisory Centre
  • ATB Entrepreneur Centre
  • ATB Financial Downtown Branch
  • Chantelle Erickson, Insurance Broker
  • CONCEPT. Investment Partners Ltd.
  • Hadford Defence Group
  • Kathlyn Jarvis Design
  • Society Lingerie

Available For Lease

Garry Station West

Garry Station is a newer Residential development located in West Lethbridge. It consists of 350 residential lots and multifamily units and is just minutes away from major shopping outlets, restaurants, banks, schools and business. The University of Lethbridge and new ATB Centre is just minutes away.

The vision for Garry Station is based on a blend of two concepts, a nostalgic perspective based on a theme of Lethbridge’s historic relationship with railways and rail travel, and a contemporary view, reflecting today’s values of sustainability, creative opportunities for changing lifestyles, and design principles that promote well-being.

Garry Station is now SOLD OUT

1200 Block

Coming Soon

Lethbridge’s newest retail and office development! This infill development in the Warehouse District will be a robust additional to the city center and will provide new shopping and entertainment locations. This highly anticipated site will drive growth through the unparalleled reinvention plan. Maintaining some the historic character of the original structures plus the addition of new and innovative structures will certainly have this project at the forefront of the community.